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SOLVATTEN is a combined portable water treatment and solar water heater system that has been designed for use at the household level in the developing world. The device uses natural UV radiation to treat water, and units are capable of rendering highly contaminated water drinkable (as defined by the WHO safe drinking water standards) in a few hours, provided there is sufficient sunlight.

SOLVATTEN incorporates three water treatment processes: filtrationpasteurisation and UV sterilisation. Under optimal conditions, the device can eliminate all pathogenic material in 10-litres of water within 2 hours, allowing for multiple batches of water to be treated in a given day.

The device is typically used in situations where water resources are scarce and prone to contamination, but it has also been applied in disaster relief scenarios. The device and its inventor, Petra Wadström, have both achieved recognition through a series of national and international awards.


Design and Usage

Each SOLVATTEN unit consists of two five-litre containers that have transparent surfaces and can be filled with water. The transparent surfaces of the containers are made from a plastic that allows the penetration of a large portion of UV light, specifically UV-B which is highly effective at destroying microorganisms. Water is poured in through an opening that houses a filter of 35 microns to remove larger particles.

Once filled, the unit is placed in direct sunlight, which simultaneously heats the water and exposes it to ultraviolet radiation. The combination of these is an effective means of purifying water and, depending on conditions, the water will be free of pathogenic material in 2–6 hours. The water is heated to between 55 and 75 °C, making it suitable for a number of other household and hygiene purposes, such as hand washing, bathing and domestic cleaning.

A study has shown that the use of
SOLVATTEN is associated with health improvements in communities that are dependent upon contaminated water resources. It showed that it eliminated 100% of pathogenic material from water sourced from contaminated wells, whilst its use was also associated with as 60% reduction in diarrhoeal infections in children under five years old.

The study, conducted in Mali, showed that households using SOLVATTEN reduced their combustion of firewood and charcoal by an average of 0.5 and 0.9 kg/day respectively. This had additional economic benefits for the user, with average savings of 15.8 USD/month.
[6] A separate research exercise calculated the social return on investment (SROI) of SOLVATTEN, which accounts for extra-financial value (e.g. environmental and social value not reflected in conventional financial accounts) relative to resources invested. In that study, the SROI was calculated as being 1:26, meaning that for every unit of currency invested in SOLVATTEN, 26 were created

SOLVATTEN was designed by the Swedish inventor and environmentalist Petra Wadström. Wadström has been recognised as one of Sweden’s most prestigious modern entrepreneurs and environmentalists, whilst the SOLVATTEN device itself has been acknowledged as a significant innovation.

Here are some benefits with using Solvatten

  1. Improved school attendance due to fewer sick-days and reduced reliance on children for domestic activities such as collecting firewood.
  2. Reduced vulnerability of women and children, who are often responsible for collecting firewood from isolated areas of bushland.
  3. Time saving, allowing people to persue more economically productive activities.
  4. Solvatten tackles some of the underlying factors that keep people in poverty. It improves health and productivity; it saves money and time, therefore it helps people lift themselves out of poverty.
  5. Poor hygiene and lack of safe water play a big role in leading to and exacerbating malnutrition among children especially. Solvatten directly tackles water and hygiene related diseases, such as intestinal worms. The heated water makes the transition from breast milk easier and less risky.
  6. Since Solvatten can reduce the incidence of diarrhoea and other poverty related diseases away. Safe water and improved hygiene practices will reduce vulnerability to the major infectious diseases.
  7. Good health makes time for school. So will easing the heavy load for children to provide the household with firewood and water from distant water sources.
  8. The health benefits and the time and money saved with Solvatten will provide time for income-generating activities and give more girls the opportunity to go to school. Women are saving up to 3 hours a day when using Solvatten. Less time spent on finding fuel in unsafe locations means less exposure and incidence of gender-based violence.
  9. Apart from being a technology that purifies water to the higher levels than WHO guidelines sets out for safe water, Solvatten also recognizes the importance of heated water for hygiene and health.
  10. Solvatten runs on 100% green power, the sun.
  11. Using Solvatten will provide time and opportunity for income-generating activities.
  12. Solvatten is bridging humanitarian aid and development while recognizing and utilizing the water-energy nexus, leading to resource efficiency.
  13. The notion and comfort of having safe, hot water at home is a distant dream for more than a billion people. Equality means equal access to the basics that create a dignified life.
  14. Being energy and water efficient, Solvatten eases the pressures that increasing urbanization puts on energy and fresh water supplies. It also makes urban communities less vulnerable to utility service cuts and water- related disasters.
  15. Solvatten improves water, energy, and time efficiency.
  16. Over 800 million households worldwide currently use solid fuels. For every one of these households CO2 emissions could be reduced by 1 ton per year if they changed from heating/boiling with solid fuels to using Solvatten.
  17. By reducing CO2 emissions, Solvatten reduces ocean acidification which negatively impacts ocean ecosystems.
  18. Since 2009, Solvatten has reduced the need to burn over 1,000 hectares of forest.
  19. People have to coexist with very few resources which can lead to conflicts over water and fuelwood. Going solar with Solvatten is helping to drive down conflict by reducing people’s need for fuel, water and helping to build healthier families and communities.
  20. Solvatten engages people, organizations and other companies throughout the world. This is creating awareness, practical action and business opportunities locally and internationally. What’s more, we do not work in developmental silos – but bridge development issues.

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