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Svart Hotel

Svart Hotel – the World's first energy positive hotel concept by the Arctic Circle, with a 360° view of the Svartisen glacier and arctic nature. The hotel is planned to open in 2021 and is a collaboration between Arctic Adventure of Norway, Snøhetta and Powerhouse.




Treading lightly

Svart is the world's first hotel designed after the energy positive Powerhouse standard located above the polar circle. It´s circular form extends from the shoreline by the foot of the Svartisen glacier and into the clear waters of the Arctic fjord. 

Snøhetta Plompmozes - Svartisen Glacier Resort Mulighetsstudie - Esoteric

The hotel reduces its yearly energy consumption by 85% compared to other modern hotels, and it harvests enough solar energy to cover both the hotel operations and the energy needed to construct the building.

Building in a fragile environment comes with clear obligations in terms of creating a sustainable tourist destination.



architecture is inspired by local coastal building traditions and stands on wooden piles dissolving the boundary between land and fjord.


The shape of the hotel provides a panoramic view of the fjord and an experience of living in proximity with nature.


Shaped by time and nature

Svart is situated just above the Arctic Circle where summer days last forever and winter are lit by the breathtaking Northern Lights. The hotel is cradled within the incredible Helgeland coastline, close to both Bodø and the Nordic gem, Lofoten.



Located at 66°38´N 14°00´E


Svartisen is the second largest glacier on the Norwegian mainland.


The name
Svart, meaning black in Norwegian, is a direct tribute to the dark blue ice of the Svartisen glacier. In old Norse, the word for black and blue is the same, and the hotel´s name is a reference to the natural heritage of the ancient Svartisen glacier and its precious natural surroundings.


Experience the 360° degrees of arctic nature.

Experience breathtaking glacier hikes, see the briliant northern light expeditions, practice yoga in the midnight sun, dive in spectular waters and harvest local delicacies. These are just a few of the Arctic activitives you will experience in the pristine surrondings of Svart.


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